How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Overheating


Samsung Galaxy S10 is one the best smartphone you can get right now. The device comes with all the top-notch hardware you’d expect from a Galaxy S series flagship device. Galaxy S10 comes with a unique Hole Punch display as well which is exclusive to the Galaxy S10 series.

But we’re not here to talk about the specifications or the features of the Galaxy S10. A lot of Galaxy S10 users are getting Overheating issues on their handsets. In this article, We’ll be taking a look at various methods to fix Galaxy S10 Overheating issues.

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How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Overheating Issues

Remove Phone Case

The first and foremost thing to fix your device from Overheating is to remove the phone case. Some phone cases can trap the heat inside which results in overheating of the device. If you’re using a case on your Galaxy S10, Make sure to remove it to see if it cools down the device a bit. If not, let’s move on to the next method.

Turn Off Unused Features And Services

The next method would be to turn all the unused services like Wifi, Bluetooth, Mobile Data, GPS, etc. These features remain active in the background all the time and can cause the device to overheat. Turn off these features and check after a while if the device has cooled down.

Close All Running Apps

After you’ve closed all the services like Wifi, Bluetooth, etc. and the device still hasn’t cooled down. Close all the running applications on your Galaxy S10. Hold the Recent apps softkey in the lower-left side of your Galaxy S10 and tap CLOSE ALL. If you have a CPU intensive application or a game running in the background, It can cause the device to overheat so to make sure that’s not the case; you’ll have to close all the background applications.

Soft Reset

If you’ve had no luck with any of the methods mentioned above, We’ll need to perform a soft reset on your Galaxy S10. Press and hold the Power key to turn off the phone. Wait until the phone cools down a bit and then turn it back on.

Note – Soft Reset does not delete any of your user data or anything saved on your device.

Boot In Safe Mode

If even a Soft Reset failed to lower down the temperature of your Galaxy S10. We’ll have to boot the device into Safe Mode to be sure that there’s no third party application causing this.

You can check our complete guide on How to boot your Galaxy S10 into Safe Mode.

Booting into safe mode will fix the overheating of your device in most of the cases. If by any chance this does not work, move on to the next method.

Factory Data Reset

If nothing else has worked for you, A factory data reset would be the last hope to fix the overheating issue. Doing a factory reset of your device deletes all user data and third-party apps.

Here’s how you can perform a factory reset on your Galaxy S10.

  1. Go to Settings > General Management
  2. Select Reset and  then Choose Factory data reset
  3. Scroll down until you find the Reset option and tap on it
  4. Enter your password.
  5. Tap Delete All.

A factory reset will fix this issue unless and until a hardware defect causes it. If the problem persists, take your Galaxy S10 to a Samsung service center and get it checked.


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