Flexible Battery For Flexible Devices

flexible battery for flexible devices

Scientists and researchers at Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology namely Professor Jae Lee and friends have created a battery which is flexible. This Flexible battery is specially created for Flexible Devices. This is the good answer to Samsung’s flexible AMOLED Display about which we posted last month. This is excellent invention for upcoming Devices. “The advent of a high performance flexible thin film battery will accelerate the development of next-generation fully flexible electronic systems in combination with existing flexible components such as display, memory, and LED,” Professor Jae Lee says.

Its is developed by, “a high performance flexible LIB structured with high density inorganic thin films by using a universal transfer approach,” Said Professor Jae Lee. Substrate of mica, a very abundant material, m was used in the production of the thin film LIB.

Check out the video below to see a few examples of how these babies can be tormented and still power your device:


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