Samsung Youm Flexible Display Production Delayed


youm flexible display

You guys remind that youm flexible display which got some news about half a year ago? Anyways those flexible displays are now delayed due to yield problems. By going into deep Samsung is facing low yields in the LITI process that the company is using to produce red and green pixels for the new displays. Blue pixels aren’t affected, as they are created using an FMM process instead.

Currently we have no idea that how they would use these displays in their devices. Earlier there were rumors that Galaxy Note 2 will consit flexible display but it was rumor.  Now we can hope that Samsung will undergo this problem soon and we would have flexible display devices in the market. Samsung is also preparing flexible battery for flexible devices which is giving boost to this flexible device project.

Additionally, LG is also preaparing to introduce flexible displays in the market along with Samsung to give tough competition to each other but currently they are fighting in courts over OLED display patents in Korea. Take a look at the video below:

With delay in production of Youm flexible display we will now see flexible display devices next year instead of 2012. So guys are you waiting for these types of devices with flexible displays or not?

Source: DDaily


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