Flight Track Free App Landed In Play Store


Flight Track Free App has landed in Play Store and is now available for download. Its a completely redesigned and free version of its flagship app.

Now you can track particular flight, or get real-time departure and arrival times for more than 16,000 airports worldwide for free. Ben Kazez, GM and founder of Mobiata said,

“With FlightTrack Free, we’ve totally rethought our signature app and arrived at the simplest and most beautiful flight tracking experience we’ve ever seen,” said . “For years, FlightTrack has been the app of choice for pro travelers, and we’re incredibly excited to make it available to a far wider audience with FlightTrack Free.”

App is enriched with Real-time status for gates, delays & cancellations and Zoomable, beautiful flight maps. It’s FlightTrack like we knew it before, except it looks a lot cleaner and easier to use. FlightTrack Free is available worldwide in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Russian and Spanish.

Download Now: Play Store


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