Game Center Service For Android Coming Soon Says Google


According to Business insider Google is developing native Android App simmilar to Game Center. Apple also introduced Game Center, an online multiplayer social gaming network, in 2010 that allows app users to invite friends, start multiplayer games, track achievements, and compare scores on a leader board. Google is working hard at integrating its Android and media interests – the revamped Google Play Store combines Android apps, music, movies and books, at least in the US.

Developers who build Android games use a variety of third-party solutions, like the iOS-compatible OpenFeint, but Google wants to create its own native app in the wake of Apple’s popularity with gaming. Adding a more robust gaming network makes a lot of sense. There is no word on when Google might launch the platform, but given the time of year it’s worth speculating that Google I/O could be the perfect stage.

Source: BusinessInsider


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