Gboard v7.31 brings new options for custom GIFs and more

Gboard by Google is the widely used keyboard app on Android smartphones. It comes pre-installed on most of the devices, thanks to its functionality and simplicity. Like any Google product, Gboard has been updated regularly with new features and fixes. The latest update of the Gboard app touting version 7.31 brings new options for custom GIFs. Also, the update adds support for 28 new languages along with search support for 15 more languages.

The ability to create custom GIFs was added to Gboard in May and now more options to create them have been added in the latest update. Users can now add text to their custom GIFs in different colors and also apply effects on their GIFs too. As of now, only three effects are available which include gift box, popcorn, and hearts.

Moving on, the new Gboard update also brings support for 28 new languages. And the list includes Bagri, Batak Toba, Bench, Bhili, Capiznon, Chavacano, Eastern Min, Fiji Hindi, Ge’ez, Gurani, Ingush, Karachay, Khorasani Turkic, Kipsigis, Maharashtrian Konkani, Lezgian, Mizo, Maguindanao, Malay (Brunei), Maranao, Southern Min, Northern Sami, Qashqa’i, Rinconada Bikol, Surjapuri, Tausug, Upper Saxon, and Vasavi.

The above-mentioned new additions are only available in the latest version of the Gboard app which is v7.31. If you are not using the updated version, then get it from the Play Store now.

Sudarshan R
Sudarshan R
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  1. I used Swype for years, and rediscovered Gboard, and haven’t looked back since. The same with Messages, used Textra for the longest until I rediscovered Messages.


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