Get Best Features Of Galaxy S5, HTC One M8 And LG G2 On Any Android Device

Are looking for High End Device's Features On your Android Device? Then this guide is for you.


[dropcap type=”1″ text_color=”#ffffff” bg_color=”#46a28d”]D[/dropcap]id you liked the HTC’s Zoe? Blinkfeed or Galaxy S5’s Multi Window? or LG G2’s capture Aside? Then here we are arranging apps for you to enjoy that features on your current Android smartphone. You can get everything available on that device on your own device with the help of third party apps or by other ways.

galaxy s5 htcone m8 and lg g2 features on any android device

First of all lets take Samsung Galaxy S5 features which boggled many of the Android users when it was launched couple of months ago.

Here are Samsung Galaxy S5 features on your Android Smartphone:

Multi Window

Samsung’s Multi Window Feature Enables Apps to be floated in a window, on the top of another app, and it also lets the screen be split between two apps.

Get On Your Android Device

Tiny Apps lite (floating) will let you enjoy five floating apps that can stay on the top of others, giving you the ability to take notes, record, paint, list music and calculate sums.


My Magazine

This App Recommends news feeds, give personal updates that includes content created on your device, delivers social updates and has ;local information.

Get it on your Android Device

Since My Magazine is powered by Flipboard, all you need to do is download this app to bring your news, images and updates straight to your fingertips, magazine-style.


Fingerprint Scanner

The S5 lets you scan your fingerprint to unlock the handset and to pay for various items through paypal, following the lead set by Apple with its iPhone 5s.

Get it on your Android Device

Disregard the joke fingerprint scanner apps and get ICE Unlock Fingerprint Secure, which may be fiddly, but takes a biometric photo of your pinky and lets you use it to unlock.


Smart Switch

Samsung Smart Switch makes it easy to switch from  an Apple iPhone to Android which , as everyone knows, is the smart way to do things.

Get it on your Android Device

Migrate contacts and calendar dates from iphone to Android via Google sync, store texts in the cloud with MySMS and mount your iPhone to a PC to save media, ready for copying to Android.


HTC One M8 Features

Motion Gestures

With the HTC One M8 comes some useful motion gestures, one of which lets you tap the screen to turn the phone on.

Get it on your Android Device

Tap Tap App by Pedro Maicas lets you lock and unlock an Android screen by double trapping, quickly turning off the screen.



The Blinkfeed home screen features shows specific RSS feeds and calendar appointments from a host of sources such as The Guardian and CNET

Get it on your Android Device

The Blinkfeed content engine is made by Mobile Republic, who produce the News Republic upon Google Play and it is well licensed with lots of partners.


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