Get Best Features Of Galaxy S5, HTC One M8 And LG G2 On Any Android Device

Are looking for High End Device's Features On your Android Device? Then this guide is for you.



Zoe is about to evolve into a cloud -based service allowing friends to upload videos, photos and music and share classic moments and highlights.

Get it on your Android device

Google+ is already built in to Android and provides the kind of service, and it is free too. There is also Facebook.


Auto Answer Calls

Being able to auto answer a call by placing it next to your ear is much easier than having a tap at the screen first and then lift it.

Get it on your Android device

There isn’t an easy like-for-like solution but Auto Answer the phone FREE will let you automatically put your phone into speaker mode when it rings.


LG G2 Features

Guest Mode

Guest Mode lets you personalise the user experience of someone borrowing your phone, controlling which apps they can access and what they can do.

Get it on your Android Device

Try kids place, which is an app launcher that protects your personal data, prevents downloads and calls and restricts people to pre approved apps.


Slide Aside

With the slide aside , you can use three fingers to swipe away applications, storing up to three apps and bringing them in and out of play at will.

Get it on your Android Device

This is a feature emulated in the LG G2 emulator, available from the Google Play, which goes further and lets you experience KnockON and Quick memo too.


Clip Tray

Clip Tray is all clever clipboard that lets you store images, links and texts on your phone for later use, sliding up and from the bottom of the screen.

Get it on your Android Device

Evernote and Pocker are two brilliant free apps that enable you to clip items from the internet and store them in the cloud with the benefit of being able to access anywhere.


Capture Plus

Full webpages can be snapped with the Capture Plus, which LG says is good for saving online articles, recipes, receipts and so much more besides.

Get It On your Android device

The websnap-Web capture, Web widget app lets you do the same: taking a snapshot of an entire webpage of part or one and letting you manage or share it.

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