Gmail reaches the 1.5 Billion Active users mark


Google’s very popular email client Gmail reaches the 1.5 Billion active users mark. Google uses the Twitter to announce the 1.5 Billion active users of Gmail. 1.5 Billion active users means that there is one active gmail account out of five persons on this planet.

The increase in active userbase of Gmail is because of the majors redesign of Gmail recently. With new user interface it becomes very easy to access the emails and use diffrent features. Google has also adds some great features which results in the increase in active usersbase of Gmail. The features are like New Gmail Confidential mode, Email Scheduling, etc.

Moreover, Google also annoucned that Inbox by Gmail will be shut down by the March 2019. Although the Inbox userbase is very less that Gmail, but still it is also one of the reason for the increase in active userbase of GMail. Everyone using smartphone or internet might have an Gmail account now days because of its easy UI. Lets hope google will make it more powerfull email client and which is easy to use.


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