Google Allo gets smarter with smart stickers that look like you


Google Allo, the smart messaging app from Google gets the latest update and it is now capable of generating personalized stickers based on your selfie. You can even customize the stickers with facial features to express a wide range of human emotions.

Google Allo already packs some pretty cool and useful features. Furthermore, Google is continuously adding more compelling features to the app making it more useful and convenient for the users.

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Google Allo’s development team worked with Machine Perception researchers to create an algorithm that can recognize person’s facial features and expressions. It has pre-installed set of illustrated head shapes, hairstyles and other features created by artist Lamar Abrams to generate a character that looks like you. Even you can tweak and customize the character as you like. Google says up to 563 quadrillion combinations are possible. Once you’re happy with the result, it’ll generate a bunch of stickers you can use in any conversation. Also, Google Allo team is preparing the desktop client as like of the Whatsapp Web.

Have you already installed the app? If yes, get ready for some cool stuff coming your way right from Google. If no, what are you still waiting for, get it installed right away.

YOu can update your app by moving to Play Store.

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