New OnePlus 5 sketch reveals iPhone 7-like camera setup

Two back to back sketches of the OnePlus 5 have leaked online revealing contradictory information with regards to the OnePlus 5. Among these two leaks, the first is a render, which shows a much expected vertical dual camera arrangement and surprisingly split antenna lines like the ones on the Galaxy C7 Pro. Further, this leak also reaffirms the Snapdragon 835, 8 GB of RAM and a big 4000 mAH battery.

new oneplus 5 sketch reveals iphone 7-like camera setup

The other leak is a sketch which surfaced on Chinese social network Weibo within hours of the first leak, is depicting a dual camera, but this time it’s on the upper left corner like the one on the iPhone 7. Also worth mentioning a USB Type-C port at the bottom alongside 3.5mm headphone jack and speaker grill are also supposedly present.

Now, with all the consistent leaks we have seen, this is the first time we have seen a rear camera setup like the iPhone 7. Right up til now we have been seeing a vertical arrangement in the center. So we are inclined more towards that design actually ending up in our hands.
As with all the leaks and rumors, only time will tell which one is closer to the truth, as of now, But we can say this for sure, the OnePlus logo is going nowhere.

Abdul Qayyum
Abdul Qayyum
Hi, I am A. Qayyum. My fascination with new gadgets is older than I can remember. It is also the driving force for me as an Android Tech Blogger. Other obsessions include Italian Pizzas and Clash of Clans.


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