Google Calculator Lands as Standalone App at Play Store


After several updates to native Google Apps like Google Photos, YouTube Music and others. Google has rolled out Calculator standalone app at the Play Store.

google calculator

Google has rolled out the standalone app because as per the development team of Calculator, they have to wait for Android Firmware upgrade to rollout any advancement. So, in order to tackle with that problem, Google has rolled out a single Calculator app in the lay Store.

There are no changes on the feature basis but Google has made it compatible with the Smartwatches. From now on, users can do simple calculations on the Android Wear Operating System oriented smartwatches.

So, if you don;t have Google Calculator, then just install it from the Play Store.

Additionally, Google has reduced the Android OS size by toning down these small features of OS into independent apps. Earlier, various Google apps have been converted in to the standalone apps.


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