Google Fiber Announced In Kansas City With Nexus 7 As Remote


The next era of Internet has begun today with introduction of 1000 Mbps up and 1000 Mbps down speed over the Internet via Google Fiber initiative which is launched today in Kansas City. This speed looks like dream come true. And Obviously not only America but Whole World is officially Jealous with Kansas City natives.

The high-speed internet and television service will be available in three packages, from a $120/month gigabit internet plus TV option to a free-of-charge 5Mbps internet-only option. On Plan sign up you will get Included in that plan is several pieces of hardware: a TV Box, Network Box, Storage Box, and no less than the Nexus 7 itself. The Nexus 7 will have an official Google Fiber TV application installed on it when it arrives in Kansas City users’ homes.

The Fiber Project was announced long ago by Google and they are getting their words true by launching it.

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