Google Inbox now groups all your mails at one place

Google Inbox has been one such interesting app where you can manage your emails. In this app all the emails have been structured in such a way that you can find your required information under respective heads. Features like all the mails from a single sender are bundled so you can get all of them at one place and not scattered. You can create reminders as well as snooze them and emails.

inbox gmail

So whenever you are free it will remind you so you can work on it. Since it is by Google, it connects your Gmail here. All your emails over Gmail can be accessed here but in a non-cluttered manner.

Even after being a great email client, Google’s Inbox app did lack something. And well what it lacked we will explain it to you here. Most of the mail apps have this feature named ‘merged inbox view’. But now we have a good news that even Google’s Inbox app has added this new feature, making this app a useful one.

Earlier you had to check each account separately but now after this new feature you will get all your mails of different accounts together.

Well, if you already have the app then you can directly go to the Play Store and download it.

Manjyot Singh
Manjyot Singh
As a Technology enthusiast, not only likes using gadgets but also loves to write and review about them. Have always been a fan of latest gadgets and smartphones with latest features.


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