Google Maps for Android now Support Real Time Waze Reports


It has been only two months since Google acquired community based traffic and navigation app, Waze. And now the Maps app shows the real time reports. The information will be coming directly from the Waze community, but it would not be available in all locations.

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In the first phase, only the users from Brazil, France, Mexico, Peru, UK, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Germany, Panama, and  US will be able to benefit from the real time reports of accidents, road closure, construction work, and various other reports that will be submitted by the waze community. However it not  just the Google maps that benefits from the collaboration of the two, the Waze app is updated as well.

waze and google maps

The Waze users will be bale to enjoy the Google Search directly from the window and for navigation  Waze Map Editor includes  the Google Street View and the satellite imagery.

Both the apps have been updated for Android as well as the iOS users.

Checkout the apps on Play Store. Google Maps , Waze



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