Google Maps quietly adds support for hashtags in reviews


Google Maps is the best navigation service that one can access on their mobile devices, web, and wherever they are available. Only recently, the app was updated to let users follow businesses. Also, the search giant announced that a messaging feature is on its way. And now, Google Maps quietly adds support for hashtags in reviews.


Going by the new features added to Google Maps, the popular navigation service is now turning into a social media. Inspiration from social media is not always good as they also tend to bring the problems we are already facing. As of now, one could clearly say that Google Maps has transformed a lot since its initial release.

Looking at the bright side of social media-esque features, they do help us in many ways. Like if you eat at some restaurant regularly and you are following it, you would get all the updates of that business. Also, using the chat feature, you could clear your doubts or queries without calling them. Lastly, the hashtags in reviews will be really useful to find what you want if the tags are used properly.

As for cons, the Google Maps app is now getting more complex. The above-mentioned features are clearly not for everyone. Most of the people won’t use them at all. And the poor usage of tags can lead to serious spams and clutters in reviews. Thanks to the limitation of five hashtags per review, it may not go that bad. If interested, you can add hashtags to your old reviews as well.

What are your thoughts on Google Maps transformation into social media? Let us know in the comment section below.


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