Google Maps Receives Update With Maps Preview Option


Google has rolled out new features for its Maps and has added several other enhancements in its newer version of maps for the web users. Soon, Google will roll out new changes to Mobile devices also.

Get directions for multiple destinations

Google Maps has got features known as directions for multiple destinations, other one’s to help manage your reservations and discover upcoming events.

In Multiple Destinations, as suggested by its title, it allows users to select multiple locations at a time. You can calculate, check/select Multiple location and more detailed routes for their trips.

Now you can even search for your flight, hotel, and restaurant reservations straight from your Maps. In order to activate the reservations features, users will have to simply search for a certain event inside Google Maps.

Similarly you can check the public events from your maps. Here’s how Google explained the upcoming events feature:

Search for Radio City Music Hall, the O2 Arena, or your favorite local performance venues, and click on the Upcoming Events card to see a schedule of concerts, sports matches, and other events happening near you. Or if you’re new to an area, start with “music venues.”

Share your views regarding the new layout and features of Google Maps via comments below.

Source: Google lat Long


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