Google Now And Galaxy S4 Infringes Siri Patents: Apple

In a motion filed against the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Google Now for infringing the three and two Siri related patents. Its not just the Google Now which violated the two Siri Patents, it also includes the Android Quick Search Box in devices running Android 4.0 and lower.

apple-vs-android vs samsung

Beside the search related patents, other three are defined as U.S. Patent No. 5,666,502: “Graphical user interface using historical lists with field classes”. Other is U.S. Patent No. 5,946,647: “System and method for performing an action on a structure in computer-generated data” and last is U.S. Patent No. 7,761,414: “Asynchronous data synchronization amongst devices”. Here is an excerpt from Apple’s filing on Google Now’s violation:

To further complicate matters, Apple’s infringement analysis of the ’604 and ’959 patents focuses on Google functionality that Samsung incorporates into its devices. For example, in its original contentions, Apple identified Google’s “Quick Search Box” found on the accused Samsung phones as satisfying the limitations of the ’604 and the ’959 patents. Since Apple initially served those infringement contentions, however, Google released the Google Now search application, which,in some instances, replaces the Quick Search Box, but incorporates the relevant ’604 and ’959 patented functionality. Google did not begin production of the source code for this application until at least the beginning of April.

Moreover, as a direct result of the new claim construction, Apple was required to investigate the Google Play Books, Google Play Music, Google Play Movies and TV, Google Play Store and Android Market developed by Google. Google did not fully produce the source code for these apps until May 13, 2013.

Its hearing will proceed or has been scheduled for June 25 in a San Jose court in front of Judge Paul S. Grewal.

Further Apple has stated that it will remove one of the other 22 infringing devices from the lawsuit if it is permitted to add the Galaxy S4.

Via:  Foss Patents

Simranpal Singh
Simranpal Singh
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