Google Offers Hits Google+


The Google I/O Keynote may be becoming a few days old memory for you where you thought google introduced all its updates upgrades and new products with us . But thats not true Google is still under updating a few things over many platforms being under the hood. like here we have a pic that shows us how Google Offers look like on Google+.

Recently a few selected brands namely Zagat, Hello Kitty,, NOOK and Adafruit will be using this new Google Offers feature on Google+. Where they may be sharing discounts and prices of different products by them .these Offers can also be shared into different circles. This may be just a small update for us but for the above stated companies these may be the best feature to introduce their digital coupon offering to their customers.

This is also expected to increase involvement and will engage more people onto their sites. One can also See this by adding these above stated to brands in their circles.


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