Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro along with other phone models arrives on FCC


Google’s been on an FCC certification spree, after yesterday’s listing of Nest WiFi Routers, here comes the Pixel 7 series on FCC. Several new Pixel models have appeared on FCC bearing model numbers GE2AE, GP4BC, GQML3, and GVU6C. All these devices support 5G connectivity. 

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Pixel GQML3 and GVU6C

Among the models GQML3 and GVU6C, there’s a slight difference. As per the official documentation, GVU6C will miss some bands and network modulations. You can see the picture below for more information. The GQML3 brings additional 5G n260 and n261 bands over the GVU6C.

GQML3 brings additional 5G n260 and n261 bands

Pixel GE2AE and GP4BC

Similarly, there’s a minor difference between GE2AE and GP4BC. The 5GNR FR2 mmWave-related components are depopulated. It seems the below components won’t work on the GP4BC Pixel device. In other words, the Pixel GE2AE carries 5G n259, n260 and n261, but these are absent on GP4BC.

Pixel GE2AE carries 5G n259, n260 and n261 bands.
Difference between GE2AE and GP4BC

There are multiple models as per the e-labels in the FCC report. You can see several different models of the Pixel 7 series below:

Other Specs of all the Pixel Models

The listing confirms the presence of 5G including bands N2, N5, N7, N12, N25, N30, N38, N41, N48, N66, N71 and N77.

  • 5G NR n5 824 MHz – 849 MHz
  • 5G NR n7 25CO MHz- 2570 MHz
  • 5G NR ni2 MHz- 716 MHz
  • 5G NR ni4 788 MHz- 798 MHz
  • 5G NR n25 1850 MHz – 1915 MHz
  • 5G NR n30 2305 MHz – 2315 MHz
  • 5G NR n3g 2570 MHz – 2620 MHz
  • 5G NR n41 2496 MHz – 26m MHz
  • 3550 MHz – 37m MHz
  • 5G NR r66 1710 MHz – 1780 MHZ
  • 56 NR n71 MHz- 698 MHz
  • 5G NR n77: 3450MHz – 3550 MHz. 3700 – 3980 MHz

Pixel 7 seems to carry support for WiFi 6E along with WiFi 2.4 and 5 GHz. Full Connectivity specifications are as follows:

  • Bluetooth: 2400 MHz – 248361042
  • NFC: 1356 MHz
  • WPT: 110KHz – 148sKHz
  • RMC’AMR 122Kbps
  • LTÉ: Q
  • 5G NR:
  • WLAN: 802.1 1 a/b/n/g/ac/ab/ax
  • Bluetooth
  • NFC

From the above details, we expect GQML3 and GVU6C models are Pixel 7 and the GE2AE and GP4BC to be Pixel 7 Pro.

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Previous leaks suggest that the Pixel 7’s specs seem unchanged from the Pixel 6: a 6.4-inch screen, 128GB of storage and 8GB of RAM, with dual SIM (standard SIM and eSIM). The Pixel 7 Pro will come with a triple rear camera module and a dual-camera will be present on the Pixel 7. Moreover, there will be a 6.4-inch 90 Hz display on the Pixel 7 and a 6.7-inch OLED display on the Pixel 7 Pro.

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