Google Releases Field Trip App It Guide You About World Near You


field trip

Google releases new app, Field Trip which will guide you places around you automatically without any clicks. Field Trip gathers your location (via cell tower, Wi-Fi or GPS) and shows you nearby points of interest: restaurants, parks, art shows, cool shops, and historical factoids about the area you’re in. Better understand the app by watching video below:

You can change settings or tweak app to make it perfect for you. In Settings you can change how often you are sent notifications on points of interest when you are near them, as well as whether or not you want Field Trip to read information on the cards provided.

So guys if you are going to new place than this app might do the search work automatically for you. Currently app is avaialbe for only Android users but iOS users will get it soon. To download this new App cleck the link below.

Download From Play Store


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