Google rolls out Spanish in Smart Reply for Gmail and Allo


Google just revealed it was rolling out Spanish support for Smart Reply. The new update will allow users to choose pre-written replies both for iOS and Android. The feature would be for apps like Allo and Gmail. Google informed followers of the new development on their Twitter account.

Smart Reply in Gmail

The Smart Reply feature is a handy shortcut that was first seen in devices in May. Google uses its AI to make sense of a conversation and gives you three options of pre-written replies. You just have to choose one. Well, sometimes the AI messes things up but when regular conversations take place, the AI is much adept at understanding user needs.

So for a casual going out conversation, Your friend might ask, ” Are we going out tonight?”. And Google would suggest a simple “Yes”, “No”, and a third reply. There are three suggestions. But it doesn’t work out well all the time and you have to resort to typing on some occasions. Also, you might just want to check the pre-written replies before just tapping them blindly, so you don’t have a fight with your friend.

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