Google Search and Lens to get AR features later this year


Google Search is the flagship product of the company. There is no search engine as powerful as Google at present. Almost everyone uses it and depends on the service to navigate on the web. Now, at Google I/O 2019, the internet giant announces AR features for Google Search and Lens to further improve the experience.

Starting later this year, Google Search results will feature an AR(Augmented Reality) result as well based on the relevant search term. For example(as Google demoed), if a user is searching for the great white shark, a 3D model of the same will be displayed along with the knowledge panel and regular web results. This 3D model can be further dropped in the real world. The AR result will have the exact dimension of the searched animal. Thus, users can understand more about their searched animal by experiencing them in AR.

Google says that they are working with NASA, New Balance, Samsung, Target, Visible Body, Volvo, Wayfair and more to bring AR results later this year. This feature will not only be useful for studies but also for shopping.

As for Google Lens, it will be more powerful and useful later this year. If you are in a restaurant and confused about what to order, then simply point Google Lens on the menu. It will highlight the popular dishes and tapping on it will display the actual pictures uploaded by other users on Google Maps reviews. Also, it will be able to translate the text to your desired language and speak it aloud. Google has also partnered with Bon Appetit magazine to bring the recipe to life(video) by simply pointing Google Lens on the recipes mentioned in the magazine.

Last but not least, Google will also be bringing Lens support to the toned-down Google Go app which weighs way lesser than the regular app. In case you are not aware of, Google Go version of apps come pre-loaded on the smartphones running Android Go Edition.

Are you excited about the new features which are going to be added in Google Search and Lens? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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