Google Search to get support for user comments


Google has been the largest search engine for years. The tech giant keeps on improving their service by adding new features and functionalities now and then. A few months back, the search giant added support for reviews for movies, TV shows, and others. Now, Google Search to get support for user comments too.

Recently, Google added an option to chat directly with businesses in Google Maps. Though this feature is ridiculous, it might be useful for some people. Same goes with this upcoming new ability to comment. At first, this feature will be limited to live sports only which makes sense.

The support for user comments was first spotted by 9to5Google during their teardown of Google app v8.55. Users can access their comments from ‘Your contributions’ section of Google app. These comments will be displayed on the Knowledge panel alongside reviews. Users can filter comments based on ‘All comments’ or ‘Top comments’. Also, one can like, dislike as well as report comments.

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According to the source, the comment feature is currently not available for all sports. Also, as it will show up only for live sports, they couldn’t test the feature extensively.

Do you think adding support for comments on Google search will improve the search experience for users? Let us know in the comment section below.


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