Google sends out invites for Testing of Google Fiber Phone Service

Google is sending out invites via Gmail for the testing of its project Google fiber Phone service. Google Fiber is very fast Broadband service provided by Google, it provides you the internet bandwidth of 1 GB/S(1000 Mbps) and it was first launched in Kansas City in 2012.

google fiber phone service

The Google Fiber Phone service will connect to various Phone services like landline and mobile to single phone number. Google Fiber Phone comes with Google Voice features, such as voicemail transcriptions and automatic call screening. The Invites have been rolling out from last month to the members of the Google Fiber tester program.

Officially Google Fiber phone does not provide the tradition phone features. But if Google wants to roll out Fiber  phone service widely we think Google should offer customers a mix of broadband, television and telephony. If Google manage to do these three things collectively than company’s Fiber Phone service will be on Top in market.

google-fiber-phone invite

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