Google shutting down support for URL shortening service “”

A long time ago in 2009 Google has introduced its URL shorten service known as the console. URL shortening service is the technique on the World Wide Web which helps to shorten the URL’s. Even after shortening the links a user will reach the accurate address. Google has recently revealed that they are going to shut down their service over the upcoming weeks. They have an effective replacement or a new alternative to it about which we will talk later in this story.

google shutting down support for url shortening service ""

According to Google, new users or the users who have never tried shortening URL’s will not be able to user their console starting from onwards April 13, 2018. Google suggests you using their new service called Firebase Dynamic Links. Which allows you to send existing or new traffic to the desired location through Android, iOS and Web platform. You can also make use of some other popular platforms like Bitly and to shorten the URL’s.

If you are an existing user of the console then there is nothing to bother as you can continue to use it until 30th March 2019 which is the grace period for you. Under this duration, you can migrate to different platforms because automatically your information will not get converted to FDL’s. Although Google is providing users with the options to export their URL information. Until 30th March 2019 existing users will be able to view analytics and get the information related to short links in the CSV format.

Google has a note for developers as well, according to them the projects which have accessed URL shortener before today will be able to create short links. They prefer using FDL API over as it is more effective and automatically detects the platform he/she is using. It directs the user to the appropriate web address or app based on the information. For further information you can head over to the official Google Developer Blog.

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