Google Starts “Localize Your Promotional Graphics on Google Play” For Developers



Google has started new program of Localize Promotional Graphics in the Play store for different countries. Now developers can use different graphics and promotional materials depending on the country the user is accessing the Play Store. Google Says:

[quote]To help you capitalize on this growing international audience, it’s now even easier to market your apps to users around the world, by adding images and a video URL to your Google Play store listing for each of Google Play’s 49 languages, just as you’ve been able to add localized text.[/quote]

Basically, what this means is that developers can upload separate assets to ensure that users in, for example, the United States will see English-language graphics and video, while others around the world see materials in their own language.

Google also stated in its blog that a full 2/3 of app revenue in Google Play now comes from outside of the United States.

Source: Android Developers


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