Google starts rolling out Google Pay replacing Android Pay and Google Wallet


Earlier last month, Google announced that they were unifying all the payment options they offer under a single branding Google Pay. Now, the search giant has started rolling out the updates through the Play Store which will replace Android Pay as well as Google Wallet with ‘Google Pay‘ and ‘Google Pay Send‘ respectively.


As of now, the update is being slowly rolled out in certain regions in the US and the UK. As an user, all you have to do is update the existing Android Pay and Google Wallet apps from the Play Store if available. This will replace those apps with the new Google Pay (also known as ‘G Pay’) and Google Pay Send respectively. The working of both these apps remain the same except for the new branding and design.

Google has uploaded some videos to YouTube to help users in using these new apps. As noted earlier, these new changes are merely branding strategies and nothing new. Because, the name Google will be more appropriate while competing with others like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and others. And there’s no need to worry if you haven’t received the yet as it will take time to hit every regions.

What are your thoughts on Google Pay while comparing it to other services? Do let us know in the comment section below.


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