Google testing renewed look for Google account settings

Only a few weeks have been past, since the last time when Google introduced a major makeover to its GMail UI. And, that was closely followed by a some sort of testing done with the new look for Google Play Store. Now, Google is again out to the wild with a brand new revamped face for the Google Account Settings found on almost all Android devices under testing renewed look for google account settings

By seeing all these changes over the past few days for a limited number of users, it seems, Google is in a bid to phase out the old UI from its popular services. That said, as the Google account settings is the latest specimen undergoing a fresh UI testing. Well, let us see what all changes are being made by the search-engine giant.

With the test UI, Google has focused on synchronising some Android P visuals to the Google settings. Basically, the new interface makes you easy to find the usual sub-settings and is too cosy on the eyes. As far as the new ingredients and layouts are considered, there are now four buttons on the bottom: Account, Search, Support, and Menu. Also you could find a horizontally-scrollable bar under your email that lets you swipe from section to section. For better clarity, just look at some of the screenshots below.

As earlier mentioned, the new changes are experimental in nature and have been visible only for few lucky users, irrespective of the device and OS. Apparently, it’s another server-side soak test. Obviously, that’s Google’s typical behaviour while rolling-out a new feature or improvement to its services before making it available to masses.

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