Limited Edition OnePlus 6 Silk White sold out within 24hrs in the U.S. and Europe

OnePlus 6 is a device which is truly a bang for the buck. When coupled with the aesthetically appealing Silk White hue, it’s quite irresistible to go unnoticed by none. Perhaps, the first sale of the Limited Edition OnePlus 6 in Silky White, evidently proved the consumers craze for it. Such that the affordable flagship device went out of stock within 24hrs of its listing in the U.S. and Europe!

limited edition oneplus 6 silk white sold out within 24hrs in the u.s. and europe

If you are unaware, the OnePlus 6 Silk White is a special edition with the price tag same as of its initial Mirror and Midnight black variants. But, the Silk White variant has got its own charm that literally outshine the standard avatars. It comes with white matte coating instead of the glossy all-glass build of the Mirror Black model. Adding up its elegance, there lies some sort of rose gold accents garnishing the logo, the metal frame, and the fingerprint scanner.

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Overall, the Silk White OnePlus 6 is crafted to impart the “Feel You Need” along with the “Speed You Need” mantra of the typical OnePlus 6. As the device is now oozed out in the U.S. and Europe, you need to wait until 12th June for the next sale to happen if you intend to take home one. Be quick to purchase, since the demand for the device shall be intact even in next edition oneplus 6 silk white sold out within 24hrs in the u.s. and europe

Well, on the other hand, if you’re a resident of India, no need to wait as you can get the device right now. As the device is still on-stock in the sub-continent. That said, are you interested in the Silk White or among those vast majority of people who prefer the evergreen black color. Whatever may be your preference, pen-down your views on the comment section below.

He is so desperate to try Custom Roms such that tripped Knox of his brand new Galaxy within 24 Hrs of its purchase. Purely "flashaholic" and can torture his device to any extend for deadly customizations.


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