Google to launch 20 ‘Street View ready’ 360-degree cameras soon


Google is stepping up to make 360-degree images more accessible and easier to upload. The search giant has announced it is partnering with hardware manufacturers to bring you 20 360-degree cameras this year. The effort is somewhat similar to the Google ‘Day-Dream’ project for VR.

Along with it, Google also announced the launch of a certification standard that will be met by the new devices. The certification standard will have four categories ‘Mobile ready’ devices to upload 360-degree images straight from an app ‘Auto ready’ cameras specifically designed for vehicles ‘VR ready’ gadgets for virtual reality and connected 360-degree photos
‘Workflow ready’ cameras equipped with publishing software for the platform There are many big names listed as hardware partners like Samsung and GoPro among others.

As far as partners go, the Big G has already added Samsung and GoPro to the list, among other less well-known brands. The two manufacturers in question will fall under the ‘workflow ready’ certification.

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Charles Armstrong Product Manager, Google Street View, describes in the Google blog post that the launch of the certification is to allow ‘publishing high-quality, interactive imagery no longer requires significant time and effort.’ Further, elaborating on the subject he says,

“All you have to do is get one of the cameras, download the Street View app and start creating. You can walk, run, bike, drive—even ride a horse—while we do the heavy lifting of connecting each frame of your video”

This is a welcome move as it will make 360-degree images more available to the people and also easier for creators to upload. The Street View app was introduced long back in 2015 providing iOS and Android users for capturing and uploading 360-degree images.

Google is launching new stuff ahead of the Google IO 2017.

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