Google Updated Play Music for Chromecasting issues


The more the Chromecasting feature is being hyped the more it is being appreciable, for Chromecast fans, one of the coolest features is the ability to stream your Play Music content straight to your TV. A bulk of issues were being seen in the existing play music app so it was really important for it to be updated while the main problem was the force closing


Although a minor update to app which is titled as “Chromecast improvements” brings some unknown improvements. Chromecast already works well with it but still don’t know what are the new improved things Google has added.
On the other hand Google also updated its Calendar App along with feature of cross sync – syncing notifications across all devices, rather than seeing older notifications on your tablet when you start it up hours after you saw the same alert on your phone.
This also makes very much more interested in the upcoming Chrome Casting news.
Source: Play Music


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