Google X Phone To Land Without Customizable Hardware Option


As we all know Google I/O 2013 is just couple of Months away and rumors have started gaining pace. Couple of days ago rumor about customizable hardware for Google X Phone landed and today Phone Arena is saying that Google will not provide any options to personalize X Phone according to your expectations.

Nexus x

In Detail, Customizable hardware option allows users to pick same phone with different specifications. Even you can choose between different RAM, Storage and colors. You can buy it and assemble it according to your need.

Coming back onto X Phone rumor which states that customization will not be available on Google X Phone according to sources. This information is passed on by those who are close to the X Phone project. They even uttered that they haven’t heard about the plan.

Earlier today, Motorola advisor, Guy Kawasaki also posted an interesting question on Google+about customization option in future smartphones.

It seems to be something cooking up in the Google and Motorola Kitchen. What you say?

Source: PhoneArena


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