Hangouts Update for Android Fixes Previous Bugs


Google had replaced the Talk app on various Android devices with the Hangouts App, but unfortunately the hangouts app did not give the users the ability to check whether any of their contacts is online or not. Though it showed  a green line below a Contact name to indicate the their Online presence, but still this feature was not working on all phones.

hangouts app update

But the update to the app has solved this problem pretty well. Now users can see a small green icon with the Contact names to know if they’re online or not. Though still the app does not have the feature to select multiple availability status or custom status message as Talk but atleast it is better than the previous version of Hangouts.

Some of the changes in the app are:

  • Contacts have now been organized by people you hangout with, Suggested People, and Other Contacts.
  • Long press on the contacts in the new hangout screen to hide them .
  • Invites have been placed on top of the conversations, so they will be more easy to find and access.
  • Pinch to zoom functionality for photos.

The update is be available on the Play Store, but also you can download it directly from here.

Download Link

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