High-end Chromebook code-named “Nocturne” in Development

Chromebook is in existence for ages now and they are available in various price categories too. Chromebook is basically a light version of your regular laptop, this thing works faster than a normal machine. Some new information is coming about the new Chromebook and you will be surprised to know that this time it will be in the premium category. If you are following Google for a while now then you may be knowing that Chromebooks are cost effective gadgets but this may be an exception. Let’s check out some in-depth details about it.

high-end chromebook code-named "nocturne" in development

As suggested by “Androidheadlines” the code-name of this high-end Chromebook is “Nocturne”. All this has been disclosed by a commit found in the Chromium Gerrit repository. The device will come powered by an Intel’s Kaby Lake series of processors, most probably it will house an i5 or an i7 chip. This Chromebook will house a Display panel with a resolution of 2400 x 1600 pixels, we are yet to figure out that of what grade this panel will be.

The biggest strong point of this device will be its detachable Screen, this Chromebook will come with a touch-enabled display so that it can be used as a Tab too. As revealed by some code strings the device will possess a Fingerprint Scanner as well for the next level security. We all know that Fingerprint Scanner is hardly available on any mediocre laptop, the existence of Fingerprint Scanner indicates that it will cost you more than a normal Chromebook in the market.

Google for a long is trying to put a Fingerprint Scanner on a Chromebook but maybe this will be the first to house it. We are not yet sure that through which manufacturer it will make its way to market. The device will run on ChromeOS and for more detailed information regarding it, we have to wait for further rumors and leaks.

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Akshay Dua
Akshay Dua
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  1. Would expect now able to use traditional Linux on a Chromebook out of the box will open up things for a lot more higher end Chromebooks.

    There is five other highend Chromebooks and suspect all the activity is because of GNU/Linux support out of the box. So we have Stream, Wine, etc.

    Hopefully we will start getting some CBs with decent GPUs.


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