Hovering Controls App: Allows Touchless Gestures


Its an awesome app if you hate touching your phone again and again. really? Hovering Controls Allows you to control apps with Air Gestures means you not need to touch your Android Device in other words we can say Touchless Gestures. The app copied the behaviour of Air Gesture from Galaxy S4.

hovering controls

In order to get it working your device need to be fitted with proximity sensor (which is present already). Hovering Controls App allows you to emulates Quick Glance, Air Call, Silence alarm, Silence incoming call and similarly tons of other functions. You can also control your music/video players, start your desired app on a move, switch to previous apps and jump to launch screen(Some of the features require Root Access).

Features of Hovering Controls:

  • Set apps to open with all the available gestures.
  • Silence alarm.
  • Silence incoming call.
  • Switch between recent apps (like back and forward behaviour)
  • Fast go to home screen
  • Quick Glance like Galaxy S4 has!!! (or choose to show your lockscreen)
  • Control your music player (next/previous/pause/resume) even with screen off!!!
  • Shake your phone to switch speakerphone on/off

Hovering Controls Features for ROOT USERS:

  • All previous features.
  • AutoShoot pictures/videos, no need to push the button again! (DEACTIVATED UNTIL NEW UPDATE)
  • Unlock screen with two hand slides! (not available with secure lock screens yet, future updates)
  • Slide between your photos in your image gallery (1 slide->next, 2 slides->previous)
  • Scroll up and down in your browser (1 slide->down, 2 slides->up)
  • Answer incoming call, just put your phone near to your ear (it uses Hover Hold motion)

The latest version of the app has added more functionality to the app and now you can choose a video player for the music/video player controls, also added spotify support and many other changes allowing to ease out operations. Also there are some bug fixes for problems like: music starts playing when trying to pause a video, answering a call after a few seconds when silencing it and fixed when answering calls and other FC.

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