How to Download Instagram Videos on Android


Instagram is a very fast emerging photo sharing platform and a social network indeed. The users have been growing from the day one since it’s launch. But the have been many things that not have been in the place. Likewise since Instagram got the fair of sharing videos work your connections there the had been a lot of buzz around.

instagram videos downlaod

There is no legit way to download Instagram Videos to your phone, oops Android phone. So in this post I would share a tweak by which you could download the Instagram Videos on a rod phone,  so iPhone users quit reading because iPhone cannot do so. Okay so follow these steps to download Instagram Videos.
1. Download the GetThemAll Any file Downloader app.
2. Launch the application and from there visit the Instagram website and log in.

getthemnow instagram videos downlaod

3. Chose the download option in the lower right corner and wait for it to parse the page. Then it will grab and fetch you all the media present on the page.
4. Now also you could choose the filters and set them like mp4, AVI etc.
5. Now but he download button and boom you will now be able to download it.  But the video might not altar in the gallery in the downloads. You can find the video in the app’s folder and you can go there by browsing in the file manager.

So this was a short tweak by which you could download the Instagram video from your Android smartphone. We got to know about this awesome tweak from Androidtapp.


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