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With the  Google’s latest Android version 4.2 Jelly Bean brought a major upgrade in the way an android device captures images. The new new feature called Photo Spheres. The technology allows users to take a 360-degree photo, bringing a whole new look to some familiar sights. The process is similar to panoramas in that the software takes multiple photos and then stitches them together using Google’s powerful recognition software. However, as the name suggests, the technology allows you to take a 360-degree view, something that panoramas don’t handle very nicely.

Once you login with your Google account, you will immediately be greeted with a variety of Photo Spheres that have already been uploaded. The application does a great job of displaying content from different parts of the world. Simply tap on the Photo Sphere button which user uploaded it. There will also be a “play” icon that will begin rotating the photo for you to see. At any time, you can grab the photo and drag it with your finger to rotate faster or to get to a specific part of the photo.

Heading back to the main screen, you can tap the upload icon in the top right to view your gallery and select your own Photo Sphere to upload to the service. Once you’ve decided on one, you then enter in the title and a description to give the viewer more information.You can set the upload to be public or private depending on who you want to be able to view it. It’s then easy to share your Photo Sphere to anybody using traditional channels like Google+ and SMS. If you choose to share through these channels, the user will receive a link to the SphereShare website, not the actual Photo Sphere.



Using the web interface also gives you access to a cool feature called Photo Sphere Map. This allows you to view all uploaded images based on location.

Finally adding on to the best modification to the Camera app. We really like the App. As a result, most users will find very little wrong with the application. Perhaps the only thing missing is an intuitive way to collect the spheres you particularly like. This is actually the best that can happen to camera app of android with the above awesome features !

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