How to Sign Up for Facebook Beta on Android


Facebook recently announced their they would allow some users to test the unreleased versions of their app that are in beta phase as off now. They did so for the betterment and get the feed that how the app is working and how they could improve it. How the app respond to various devices and people from different regions and countries. Also it is an opt in program which means that the people who are ready to deal with the bugs and issues would be able to sign up to the program they announced.

facebook beta on android

So do you want to deal and gave those issues and report the company so that the app gets better before it is released officially. Don’t worry follow the steps given below:

1. Sign in to your Google account with which you use the play store.
2. Okay now you need to visit this group,  this is made by Facebook for users so that the yak their feedback on one place.
3. It might ask for personal informations and also might ask to use the Google plus account,  it doesn’t matter much.
4.Now after you have filled out the personal information you need to visit this page and click on the blue button to become a tester.
5.Now visit the play Store through your phone and now in your apps there would be an update ready to download.  If it’s not there you might have to wait for a couple of minutes or so.  Now download the update.  And then you will be on the latest beta version. Try it and give the feedback on the group to be a good member.

Also note that you could directly inform them about issues by clicking on the “report bug”  right away in the app.  This set up and project seems that it will serve people and the user interaction and satisfaction is definitely going to increase in the coming time for Facebook.


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