HTC Fetch: Another Bluetooth Powered Tag Locator


So tiered up while losing your keys and more tired after willing to find but not getting where it could be. Now this is for you, the device which is on pre order in UK can help you with your HTC Device to identify the placement of the Keys while keeping the HTC Fetch as the Key Chain.


The Gadget is only available for pre order from a UK retailer Clove which has been very much keen in HTC pre orders as lately HTC Mini+ was set on pre order.

The key features that makes this Gadget different from other available in the market is that the device can be connected to any smartphone through a Bluetooth connection and can track  the HTC fetch Tag when the Tag is in a range of 15 meter. While when the device goes out from the range of 15 meters the device emits a very loud sound which is meant to be a theft alert.

If you simply misplaced your keys around the house, you can use a smartphone app to activate the alarm manually, which sounds like a brilliant functionality that many people would love.

The device named HTC Fetch BL A100 is placed at a reasonable price of Euro 30 which can be pre ordered at Clove

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