Google Patent Filing Tips for an Improved Lockscreen Experience


Android users have often made the hell out of the phone on the case of lockscreens. Users have got almost a variety of lockscreens to decor their phones with awesomeness. Some of which includes face unlock, pin codes and patterns.  The catch is that you often have to give up on another convenience when you choose to go the secure lockscreen route. One of those conveniences is quick launching to an app. And keeping that in mind,  it seems like we will soon get hold of a new improvised lockscreen according to an filing.

Improved Lockscreen Experience

Details coming from the filing showcases an glimpse over how shortcuts are kinda added to your lockscreen, The difference here is that you will be able to switch up (or add-to) that pattern to go directly to an app. The provided artwork details a pattern unlock that is extended with an extra swipe up.

With that extra swipe you can directly launch into camera and other specified apps as per as you. For one, it’s little more over confusion if Google would manage to pull up whole apps in the lockscreen or there might be some and only apps that are there from stock.

Perhaps, the greatest question is about availability as Google had already launched Android 4.3, and with no further scenarios ahead, it seems like Google will introduce it in the form of Update for Android Devices.


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