Moto-X like “Always listening” Features To Get Onto More Devices


Are you very unimpressed by the Moto X release this month? I Know there is nothing in the world that can convince you about that but truly Moto X’s “Always listening” is eternal with the best functionality even when compared to iOS.


The “Always listening” feature of the Moto X was a much hyped topic for the past last week but by that time we forgot to come over another awesome release , that is the Snapdragon 800 processor which is going to have same capabilities as we have in the Moto X’s Damn Feature.

X8 Mobile Computing System Technology is being used for listing even when the screen is off, There are some certain features that make the device active even without unlocking like “Okay, Google Now”. Same is the case with the SnapDragon 800 features a similar feature which Qualcomm calls “Ultra-Low Power Voice activation”, where one can individually set a specific keyword or a sentence to wake up the device.

For more Moto X news, its new technologies, checkout here.

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