Huawei shows off the Mate X at a conference in China


Samsung might have beaten Huawei in bringing the first Foldable smartphone to the market, but with all the Samsung Galaxy Fold issues going on, Huawei Mate X has a real chance of taking away all the spotlight.

Huawei announced it’s first foldable and 5G compatible smartphone – Huawei Mate X a few months ago. There is no date yet as to when it will reach consumers hands, but Huawei isn’t leaving any opportunity to showcase the device whenever and wherever it is possible. Huawei showcased the Mate X smartphone recently at a 5G conference in Sichuan, China and received a tremendous public response.

On the other hand, Samsung has now officially recalled all the Galaxy Fold units that were sent to reviews and media houses. Due to the ongoing screen damage issue, the company pushed the release by a few weeks. This gives Huawei a real chance to ramp up the production and try to bring the Mate X device to the market as soon as they can.

Huawei Mate X sports an 8-inch screen with an 8:7.1 aspect ratio when unfolded. When the device is folded, it transforms into a dual display phone.  One side gets a 6.6-inch (2480 x 1148 pixels) 19.5:9 display while the other one gets a 6.38-inch (2480 x 892 pixels) 25:9 display.

The device has a triple camera setup on the back and has all the things you would expect in a 2019 flagship smartphone. The phones come with a 4500 mAh battery, with 55W super charging tech for the first time with Mate X.

As per some sources, Huawei is set to launch the device in June 2019 which is not too far. We hope Huawei does not make the same mistakes as Samsung.

What are your thoughts on the Huawei Mate X? Do let us know in the comment section down below.

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  1. Every cellphone is in trouble having mechanism like Fold, Rotate, Slide, Pop up etc, will have issues sooner or later.


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