Instagram Gets 3D Touch feature


Apple’s 3D touch feature is now available on Android as well. In this new version of Instagram when you select a photo you will get a nifty new pop up for quickly liking, commenting, and sharing post.


To see the Feature in the app you have to go through any page of the app where the grid of photos are available like your own profile page, or the search page. When you tap and hold on any of these photos or videos, you’ll be be able to get a glimpse at the content and quickly move your finger to the heart, comment, or share buttons.

The point of 3D Touch, is to provide quicker access to options or common actions with fewer taps. To put it bluntly, it’s really just a glorified long press or right click. That doesn’t mean it’s not without its advantages, but it’s more of an evolutionary feature than a revolutionary one.

Download the latest version of Instagram

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