World War Z: Game Review

Well pretty before we talk about the new Gaming  application  the World War Z we would like t make you aware that this game is not working on all the high end devices and is facing a few errors in the HTC devices. Also the game has released for only about 3 days and has crossed the 10k downloads mark with 3.1 star rating from 671 different android users.

world war z

After Nova 3 and Dead Trigger this is another cool game released on Android which has the concept to save the world from zombie attacks . But this one is pretty much better and in to the arena at a start.

The game has 28 hard core futuristic and difficult levels that one may take  lot of time to complete . Also the game has much more expectations from the audience as the hype created by the movie will get all fans to play this addictive game.

The game entitles these features as the one that makes this game a bit different from others

Action-packed story-based game
• Choose between different control schemes to suite your playstyle
• Over a dozen upgradeable weapons
• Listen to radio broadcasts and answering machines and read emails of other survivors
• Replayable challenge mode
• Chilling tense atmosphere
• Multiple forms of combat including hand-to-hand and ranged shooting
• Zombie Hordes

world war z: game review

One has to kill all the zombies and get the loved ones save from them. Featuring 28 visceral levels that has all a very different way of tackling each level, intense combat with zombies to save your life, engaging puzzles to get out of the zombie mess or a building filled of zombies, upgradable weapons and armor, and unlimited challenge mode (Resemblance to the Bring It On Mode). The World War Z game challenges you: play to survive.

world war z: game review

The Game is much better than Dead Trigger as the player can be free to move anywhere to move and to get better view from the top ! better response of the game has made a bit more easy to play ! The new features include combat with zombies from the helicopter ! Just like the Movies this game is much different than others !

The Game is pretty Good to buy on if you have a good RAM on your smartphone but not a good go if your RAM is not Good. Where a few devices cant even load on few devices while on others the game runs fabulously !

The Game is paid at 0.99 $ one time purchase.

Get the World War Z : Game on Google Play

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