Kaspersky: Android 2.3 Most ‘at-risk’ Version, Android 4.2 Safest

These days we are hearing or discussing Android Security the most. In recent days various analytic and security firms represented their reports saying Android is at risk, most insecure and blah blah. This time Kaspersky put ahed their report according to which Android 2.3 Gingerbread is most at risk version. While Android 4.2 is the most safest version of Android until now.


This report shows how Google measures to stop Malware are showing their effects. Google introduced Bouncer to cope with Malware Apps which strengthened some security. But with Android 4.2 Google has finally brought a new high-powered security feature to the Android platform. This new security feature will scan for malicious or potentially harmful codes in apps that are loaded onto a user’s device. Google is also working Android App check.

As mentioned above changes are doing their job and to prove that here’s another point saying malware attacks were down from about 15,000 recorded attacks in Q2 to 9,100 in Q3. Ice Cream Sandwich users experienced the second most number of malicious attacks, accounting for about 38 percent despite an overall platform share that registered at 23.7 percent during an October report from Google.

So hope Google will introduce new security features to strengthen Android Security. And you guys use common sense when installing apps and read their permission (know android app permissions).

via BGR

Simranpal Singh
Simranpal Singh
With a decade-long journey in the tech industry, I've been actively engaged in tech reporting across various reputable publications. He currently works as a Web Developer at RightNode Media and pursues his hobby of writing on GoAndroid. Enjoy travelling, and always excited about new tech trends. He actively contributes on GizmoChina and GChromecast Hub.


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