Android 4.2 Core Apps Package Now Available For Download



Android 4.2 GAPPs package or core apps pack is now available for download. So if you have been waiting for Android 4.2 and didn’t received until now than this package may help you to enjoy some luxuries of Android 4.2 on your AOKP or other ROMs, but 100% stock phones are having problems.

So with this package now you can also enjoy some new features like Photo Sphere and new features of updated Gmail and Calendar app.

It’s presented as a flashable .zip file just as any GAPPs package is, and that can be flashed through your recovery of choice as if you were flashing a ROM. Earlier also some apps were leaked out like New Keyboard app and Gmail was also leaked by Android Police but after Google Intervention AP took down the download links.

It may be entirely unknown when Android 4.2 will eventually make it onto existing devices that are already out in the wild, but at least with the publication of these APK sets, users can get a taste of what is to come.

Download: Dev-Host 12

via Android Spin




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