Key lime Pie Releasing In May, Says Leaked Documents


Is there any possibility that Google may unleash its brand new version of Android i.e. 5.0? Talking about the Google I/O 2013 event- which generally proceeds in ending days of May, and the documents leaked from the Qualcomm crustal suggests that the answer is certainly yes.

Google Android 5.0

It was mentioned in one of the documents that there would be a “K release” of Google’s OS in late spring. In second document it was clear that it would be absolutely “Key Lime Pie”, indicating the sure launch of Android 5.0 in May 15-17. Leaked documents were initially posted on Android Police and were later on removed.

Revealing release of android 5.0 in may

 Key Lime Pie is expected to amaze users with its astonishing gifts.


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