Low Cost Smartphone Penetration Will Be 46% By 2018


According to recent report from ABI research about half of the smartphones in 2018 will be low cost. Currently low budget smartphones share 26% of the total smartphone share in the world. In actual numbers, by 2018 low cost smartphones will share 46% percent of total smartphone industry.


Let’s now see that what is the definition of low cost, medium and high end devices. ABI has taken device which cost lower than $250 as low cost devices aka lower end devices. The Medium priced devices are those which costs between $250-$400 and higher end are those devices which costs more than $400.

Currently there are 259 Million low cost devices which are expected to increase to 788 million in 2018. Currently there are 635 Million both Mid and High end devices in the market which are expected to grow to 925 million by 2018.

Michael Morgan, senior analyst, ABI Research said, “As the feature phone segment continues to lose its battle for relevance, the low-cost smartphone has become the tool for operators seeking to drive increased data revenues.”

ALthough we can expect Android growth at vast level in some coming years as currently Android has reached 1.5 Million activation per day with 25 Billion app downloads from its Play Store.

Source: ABI Reasearch


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