Eric Schmidt: Google Glass For Public Still a Year Away


Eric Schmidt has quoted while talking at an interview this weekend with British radio host Martha Kearney on BBC Radio 4 that Google Glasses for public is “probably a year-ish away”. So guys don’t look for new announcement about Google Glasses this year at Google IO which is now just couple of weeks away.

eric schmidt

According to past rumors it was believed that Google Glasses will be available for public by the end of this year but the chairman of Google Inc. has washed away all those rumors. Interviewer not only asked him about Google Glasses he further inquired about Schmidt’s new book, Google’s UK tax policy, privacy, and more.

Last week Google outed technical specification for Google Glasses and later on they started shipping developer edition Google glasses to developers who have registered it at last years IO for $1500.

We have also received some review videos from developers which you can check here.

Listen Yourself at BBC 4


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